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Fork & Brewer

Premium beer and quality food are literally made for each other, so we created the Fork & Brewer as an ideal venue to showcase both.

With forty beer taps, a top-flight kitchen crew, friendly staff and a brewery on the premises, our mission is to take Wellington’s already awesome beer culture to an entire other level.

You can find us upstairs at 20A Bond Street in central Wellington.

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Methode in Madness 7.5% Brut IPA

What is dry, but also wet? This! Effervescent, bright, bubbly with a lovely dry finish – Méthode in Madness 7.5% Brut IPA is another deviation from the classic English or American variety.

Hardpour Corn 4.5% Amaizing Lager

Hardpour Corn 4.5% Amaizing Lager – it’s not safe for work… but safe for after work drinks! A clean, pale, refreshing Lager brewed with flaked maize, this beer is also a hard example…

Florapalooza 7.2% NZ Flower Hopped IPA

Don’t ever say we never give you flowers. Emerson’s Brewery and Fork Brewing collab brew, Florapalooza 7.2% NZ Flower Hopped IPA, is a harmony of NZ dried hop flowers, used in both the kettle and dry…
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